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Companion Animals

Should you feed your companion animals meat?  Click here for more info and suppliers.



General Links Traveling With Your Companions
Shelters, Rescue, & Adoption


I have been asked about holistic vets and was given this info from an AZVegan.com visitor:  there's a vet named Dr. Nard who is homeopathic/holistic at Sundown Animal Clinic on Shea and Scottsdale.


Neuter Scooter Offers Low Cost Spay/Neuter Surgeries
The Neuter Scooter is a self-contained surgical unit that offers spay/neuter surgeries for $25, low cost vaccine clinics (rabies $10, dog 4-in-1 $10, cat 3-in-1 $10), and license clinics for Maricopa County residents in need. Each Neuter Scooter event can provide service to 12 cats or very small dogs (less than 10 pounds), 5 large dogs (over 30 pounds), and 10 medium dogs (under 30 pounds). Cat owners are especially encouraged to take advantage of this low cost service. All events are first come, first served. Vaccines and licenses are available to the public as soon as surgery is completed at approximately 2:00 P.M. Vaccine clinic intake ends at 4:00 P.M. and is available at all Neuter Scooter Events - no appointment needed! The Scooter also serves as AC&C's response unit in cases of animal cruelty and neglect. To see where the Neuter Scooter will be next, please see our 2005 Neuter Scooter schedule.

General Links

Alley Cat Allies - As the foremost experts on feral cats, Alley Cat Allies promotes nonlethal control for feral and stray cats with trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs that effectively reduce their population by sterilization - not euthanasia.

Companion Animals - a huge list of fact sheets and articles from the Fund for Animals.

Evolution Diet Pet-food Company - an animal rights company only manufacturing vegan pet foods.  Dedicated to providing the very finest and most complete natural quality products in the world. We are committed to helping dogs, cats and ferrets lead healthy lives. As new information becomes available we will incorporate it into the constant improvement of Evolution Diet Pet Food design.

Global Action Network - you can learn about better ways to care for your companion animal, the misery faced by unwanted animals, the importance of spaying and neutering, the horrors of puppy mills, and the laws affecting companion animals.  We also offer an adoptions section, for those of you who are looking for a new best friend.

International Society for Animal Rights - founded in 1959 to expose and end the injustice and exploitation of animals and the suffering inflicted on them.  Currently ISAR is focused on fighting the war on pet overpopulation.

MillBusters.com - is a site dedicated to sharing the knowledge of what a puppy mill is, and what the public can do to help stop them.

Pet-Abuse.Com - goals include increasing public awareness of the animal cruelty/human violence connection and providing databases to provide vital information regarding animal abuse.

ThePetCenter.com - The Internet Animal Hospital.  Over 220 pages of dog and cat health care information written by veterinarians... articles, photos, quizzes, pet photo album, pet supplies and more!

Pet Grief Support Group - The group is located at Hospice of the Valley (1510 East Flower Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85014) & it meets on the 1st Saturday of the month 9:00am - 10:30am in Phoenix, AZ.  This is part of Companion Animal Association of Arizona.  Pet Grief Support Helpline: 602-995-5885

Pets - tons of information and fact sheets from The Humane Society of the United States.

Pound Seizure Fact Sheet - Pound seizure is the practice of releasing or selling lost, stray or abandoned cats and dogs from municipally funded animal shelters for use in biomedical research, product development and safety testing, and educational demonstrations.  Find out how to help stop this ultimate betrayal.

Prevent A Litter Coalition, Inc. - Dedicated to the implementation of community, preventative and sustainable solutions to align the pet population with good homes, with guaranteed humane care for their lifetimes.

Puppy Mills - Most of the dogs sold in pet stores come from puppy mills.  Approximately 500,000 puppies per year are bred in puppy mills, facilities known for their filthy, overcrowded conditions and the unhealthy animals they produce. Only half of the dogs bred at puppy mills make it to the pet store; the other half die from the millís squalid conditions, hypothermia starvation, or other horrors of transport.  Find out what you can do to help put an end to puppy mills.

Rescueink.org - Rescue Ink is all about zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse and neglect. Our ranks are growing every day, as Americans from coast to coast are reaching out to join in our efforts. If you know something we should know, give us a call... NOW!

Save Our Strays - "The Humane Community of America is an information service organization dedicated to improving the relationship between domestic pets and society through education. We act as a worldwide clearinghouse for information about humane issues and work to promote the human/animal bond. We provide educational materials that promote organizational and personal learning. Our goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of animal issues so that communities can develop effective safety nets that protect animals from societal and institutional abuse."

SpayDay USA - Led by the Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF), Spay Day USA is America's premier national day of action to promote the spaying or neutering of companion animals. 

SPAY/USA - a program of The Pet Savers Foundation, is a nationwide network and referral service for affordable spay/neuter services.  Their goal is to reduce the number of unwanted cats and dogs and to stop their suffering. Anyone who needs assistance finding low-cost spay/neuter services can benefit from SPAY/USA!

The United Pet Way - a non-profit no-kill animal welfare advocate umbrella organization that provides assistance to other non-profit no-kill animal rescue organizations nationwide. Our mission is to help many of the under-funded and un-recognized no-kill animal rescue organizations.

VegePets.info - "created to assist animal guardians, animal carers and veterinary personnel who wish to gain a sounder understanding of the health and nutritional issues associated with meat-based and vegetarian companion animal diets. Included are advice on transitioning to vegetarian pet food; on safeguarding the health of companion animals - particularly cats; on links to suppliers of vegetarian pet foods and nutritional supplements; and all the essential scientific and anecdotal information I've been able to locate on this topic after extensively searching the biomedical literature, and reading the main books in the field."

Vegetarian Network Victoria - This site provides objective information on why caretakers opt to feed their animals a vegetarian or vegan diet, potential problems, a vegetarian dogs and cats 'check list,' vegetarian pet foods and supplements, and helpful links for more information, including books and additional websites.


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Shelters, Rescues & Adoption

Arizona Animal Rescues - online resource for adoption and rescues.
Arizona Humane Society- Online calendar of events.
Circle L (Circle of Life) Ranch- Circle L is located in Prescott Valley, AZ and is devoted to rescuing and adopting horses and other animals who would have otherwise gone to slaughter. They have an active adoption program for these needy horses and also rescue dogs, goats, sheep, turkeys, chickens, and cows.

Pets 911 - Pets911 helps reunite lost pets with their owners, connect adoptable pets with caring families, and a whole lot more! For your community specific information, just enter your 5 digit zip code. 
Rescue & Pet Info Links - a page from the Aussielads Aussie Rescue that has a great list of links to Arizona-specific shelters, rescues and assorted other helpful sites.

World Animal Net Directory - Arizona - The world's largest database of animal protection societies, with over 10,000 listings and links to more than 3,000 Web Sites.


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Traveling With Your Companions

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages - has a collection of articles on vacation tips for the active dog and dog guardian.

HSUS: Caring for Pets When You Travel - "Taking a trip and wondering about pet care options? Whether you're planning to leave your companion behind or take him along, be sure to read our tips on caring for pets when you travel."

PetsWelcome - offers suggestions for transporting and links to airline policies.  Has a searchable database that lets you look up more than 25,000 animal-friendly hotels, beaches and campgrounds.


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