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Entertainment Industry


Animals in Entertainment - a huge list of fact sheets and articles from the Fund for Animals.

Buck the Rodeo - PETA, along with every other national animal protection organization in the United States, is working to put an end to the rodeo—an abusive spectacle that has no place in a civilized society.

Circuses - site by PETA

Circuses - lots of information and links to fact sheets about circuses from the Humane Society of the United States.

CircusSpotlight.org - a national clearinghouse for circus information. Comprised of a diverse coalition of humane organizations, CircusSpotlight.org acts as an advocate for wild animals. In particular, our concern lies with those creatures subjected to the unnatural and inappropriate living conditions inherent to traveling animal shows and circuses

Global Action Network - Please take just a few minutes to look behind the scenes and learn about the lives of animals used for circuses, bullfights, marine parks, zoos, rodeos, animal fighting, and racing.

Grey2K USA - the first organization dedicated to passing greyhound protection laws and ending the killing and cruelty of dog racing through the political process.

Showing Animals Respect & Kindness - Bullfighting, Rodeos, Hunting



ABC (Anti Bullfighting Campaign) International "Its aim is to become a source of information and updates about what is happening in the world of bullfighting for those against it. We exchange information, campaign strategies, materials, and organize petitions, fundraising, demonstrations, news letters, statistics, etc. We publish a special bulletin every three months with updated news about bullfighting."

Animals Voice Bullfighting Links - includes links in several languages.

Bullfighting: A Tradition of Tragedy - fact sheet from PETA.

Bullfighting Fact Sheet - from Last Chance for Animals.

Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe - a brief history of bullfighting.

The Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain and a companion site - The Running of the Nudes!

World Society for the Protection of Animals - includes a great overview of where across the world that bullfighting takes place. 



NOAZ ARK Foundation - (National Organization to Abolish Zoos) is dedicated to providing the general public with information about the welfare of animals in zoos. Through its efforts, NOAZ ARK hopes to facilitate an end to this institution which relegates innocent creatures to a lifetime of confinement.

When Zoos Tell Lies - an informative article from the Animal Protection Institute.

Wildlife Pimps - tons of information on roadside attractions, zoos, pseudo-sanctuaries and other animal prisons.

ZooCheck Canada - a leading voice for the rights of captive wildlife in Canada, Zoocheck has been instrumental in promoting the mandatory licensing of zoos and wildlife displays; the closure of substandard facilities; an end to the use of native and exotic wild animals in circuses, novelty acts and the pet trade; and the establishment of general standards for captive wildlife care and housing.

Zoo Check Project - a project of the Born Free Foundation.  Determined to change people’s attitudes towards animals in captivity, Zoo Check believes that animals kept in captivity for entertainment pay too high a price. Zoo Check believes it is time for a change.

Zoos: Pitiful Prisons - fact sheet from PETA.





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