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Legal Issues


Animal Law Journal - The nation's first and only law review devoted exclusively to animal issues.  Animal Law is a student-run law review at Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Oregon. Animal Law offers a unique forum for the scholarly discussion of legal issues related to animals. The review's objective is to educate the legal community and other interested groups and individuals about the current status of animal-related issues.

Animal Legal Defense Fund - For nearly a quarter-century, ALDF has been pushing the U.S. legal system to end the abuse and cruelty that result from animals' classification as property. They've won precedent-setting victories, and continue to raise awareness among judges and prosecutors of animals' rights to freedom from captivity, violence and exploitation.

Animal Rights Law - Animal Rights Law is a formal part of the curriculum at Rutgers University School of Law in Newark, New Jersey.  ARL trains law students, produces legal materials for those who cannot afford legal assistance, and seeks to foster and facilitate general social discourse about animal rights and the human/animal relationship.

Demonstrating and Civil Disobedience:  A Legal Guide for Activists
Vivisection and Dissection in the Classroom:  A Guide to Conscientious Objection

Animal Rights Law Office - Michael Rotsten, Attorney at Law.  An animal rights lawyer devoted to activities that advance the welfare, protection, and rights of animals.

Animal Rights Legal Foundation - Your online resource for animal law and its legal and theoretical foundations.

Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy - The Journal's mission is to address legal and political issues concerning the human race's interrelationship with and management of wildlife species, their habitats, and the biosphere.

The Harvard Law School Student Animal Legal Defense Fund - seeks to become one of the finest national resources for those interested in animal law. Not only do we hope to provide opportunities and assistance to Harvard Law School Students, but we want be an organization of universal utility for those working to promote positive legal protection of animal welfare.

Meyer & Glitzenstein - a Washington, D.C. - based public interest law firm dedicated to providing high quality legal services and advocacy for non-profit organizations at below market rates or on a statutory fee basis. 

Oregon Attorney Scott Beckstead - advocates for animals in court and in the political arena and has litigated, negotiated, campaigned, written and lobbied on almost every important animal welfare issue of our time.  "If you would like to contact me with legal questions or wish to discuss animal welfare issues, I would love to hear from you."

Society for Animal Protective Legislation - founded in 1955 when only two federal laws to protect animals existed. Since then, SAPL has worked for the successful enactment of over 15 additional federal laws. SAPL prepares information for use by Members of Congress and their staffs. It sends action alerts to individuals and organizations interested in animal protective legislation, informing them of ways in which they may help.





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