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Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese


Asia Blue
3110 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona
North of downtown Phoenix at Park Central Mall, on Central Ave., between Thomas Rd and Osborn (at Earl Dr.), west side of the street.

Visit VegGuide.org for complete info and review!

Bamboo Club
602-955-1288 at 2596 E. Camelback Rd in Phoenix
480-998-1287 at 8624 E. Shea Blvd in Scottsdale
They appear to have a new, more vegetarian-friendly menu!  I ordered my meal "strict vegetarian" and they seemed very willing to comply.  But, always double check when you order.

Best Hong Kong Dining
NW corner of Dobson and Southern
Good choices are the greens with garlic sauce, and vegetable moo-shu (without eggs).  You can order things that are not on the menu, too. Very authentic food.  Not for the squeamish because there are roasted ducks with their heads on hanging behind the counter.

Chanpen Thai Cuisine
13828 N. 51st Ave.
Glendale, Arizona
Located at the northwest corner of 51st Ave. and Thunderbird Rd.
Visit VegGuide.org for complete info and review!

Chopstick Express
939 E. Guadalupe Rd #1 (SE Corner Rural & Guadalupe)
"Heard good things about this place, so I had to try it myself.  Indeed they do have several tofu dishes, including spicy tofu, orange tofu, braised tofu, and honey tofu (which I'm told is quite popular because its made with mock honey derived from sugar).  The egg rolls are said to be vegan.  I trust what I heard from the counterperson because when I said I was vegan, she offered to substitute an egg roll for the crab puff and steamed rice for fried (egg) rice."
Thanks, Jon!

Desert Jade
3215 E Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85018
"I go there all the time and get their tofu dishes and/or their soup. All the waiters know what you mean when you ask for something "vegetarian, with water, not broth" and I watch them write it on the order ticket. They do put egg in their moo shu, so you do have to be specific. Their spicy bean curd is outstanding. It's right next to the Vegetarian House."  
Thanks, Sonia!

E! Ba Cafe
705 S. Forest Ave
"Like several Asian restaurants, the vegetarian options were said to be vegan.  I had the vegetarian curry (spiced tofu in coconut milk with mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, and corn).  They feature many different boba drinks (made with tapioca pearls, which are little black balls at the bottom) that can be made with soymilk.  Very affordable and cute cafe open till Midnight on weekends!"
Thanks, Jon!

Elise Food Service - Vietnamese
1601 E. Bell Rd. (SE corner w/ 16th St.)

Fate - Chinese
South of Roosevelt on 4th St.
It is a small place with only a few parking spots - parking is available on the streets south of the restaurant.  Very cozy atmosphere. They are open for lunch and dinner and are open until 3am on Fri and Sat.  All of the entrees can be made with your choice of chicken, beef, shrimp or tofu.  So they are not exclusively veg, but almost everything can be made veg.  Four out of the seven appetizers are marked vegetarian. 
"It is Asian food and about 95% of the menu is vegan. Everything I have had there is EXCELLENT! The staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly.  It is owned by one man who does all the cooking himself. Besides the menu being almost perfect, the atmosphere is very artsy and fun. A MUST for any vegan!"  
Thanks, Jason!
Stuff at Fate that is not vegan:  the Pad Thai is NOT vegan- fish sauce and eggs, the Wok Fried Noodles are not vegan (egg noodles) and NONE of the soups are vegan... otherwise, all of the entrees can be made vegan and a few of the appetizers (buns, spring rolls, egg rolls, and tofu wedges) are vegan.   I have been alerted that they fry the tofu in the same vats as the meat.
Visit VegGuide.org for complete info and review!

Flos' Asian Kitchen
16495 N Scottsdale Rd B2
Scottsdale, AZ 85254 - 1588
Will substitute most dishes with meat in them with Tofu, either Fried or Steamed. This was suggested to me by the bartender when I was ordering the basic, but delicious, Stir Fry Veggies with Tofu.

Fresh Mint Vegetarian Thai
13802 N Scottsdale Blvd (nearThunderbird)
Scottsdale, AZ 85254
All-vegetarian menu!

Gourmet House of Hong Kong
1438 E. McDowell Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85006-2937
"I have heard about the inexpensiveness/quality of this place for awhile. Huge menu with about a dozen meatless selections, including deep fried tofu with garlic sauce and several dishes with eggplant. Lunch specials start at $4.16! If you go, tell 'em KB sent ya..."

Lai Lai Mongolian BBQ
3515 W. Northern Ave. (SW corner w/ 35th Ave.)

Lee Lee's Asian Market on Warner and Dobson. This place is inexpensive for many vegan items especially rice noodles and frozen foods.  Be aware- this store is not intended for vegans.

Little Szechuan
524 W. University
It has about 8 items under Vegetarian Delights and about 14 menu items that are under Tofu. 

Lotus Asia Cafe and Grill - Indonesian food
1076 W Chandler Blvd  (at Alma School Road)
Chandler, AZ  85224 - 5224
"The owners are wonderful and very accommodating. It's more fun with a few people so you can try more dishes. My favorite is the Jackfruit curry (it's like a cross between breadfruit and an artichoke, taste-wise). Most people probably are aware that tempeh originated in Indonesia. They serve a delicious Gado gado and several other dishes with Tofu, tempeh or both including a really delicious all vegan soup."
Thanks, Meg!

Loving Hut
3515 W. Union Hills Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308
SW corner of Union Hills and 35th Ave.
Phone: (602) 978-0393

Malee's on Main - Thai Gourmet
7131 E. Main Street in Scottsdale
Huge menu - very accommodating to vegans!

3424 N. 19th Ave (NW corner of Osborn Rd)
Phoenix, AZ 85015
Authentic Vietnamese food! Mabo Tofu is NOT vegan.  The lemongrass tofu stir-fry is quite popular. Rice paper spring rolls are eloquent. Try an exotic Durian or Jackfruit shake with soymilk!

Mint Thai
"Mint Thai on Gilbert north of Guadalupe is very veg’n friendly.  They can make almost any dish veg’n by request, and they even ask you if you’re “strict,” so I know they know the difference.?

Oasian Noodle Bar
1935 S. Val Vista Dr, Suite 107
Mesa, AZ 85204

Said to be comparable to Pei Wei. Located across Baseline Road from Cafe Sahara. Offers Buddha's Feast, Sautéed Bean Curd & Broccoli w/ Garlic, Spicy Eggplant & Green Beans, and Shanghai Snow Peas. Everything is cooked in soybean oil. Not sure what's in the white sauce nor the pastry of the vegetable curry puffs, but spring roll described as vegan.

Panda Express
Warning:  None of their items are vegetarian!  Everything is cooked with chicken broth.  Please contact them and ask them to offer vegetarian options.  You can call them toll-free at (800) 877-8988 or to submit an e-mail comment, click here.

Pei Wei - this info was verified by their corporate chef
The "Dark Sauce" is made with chicken stock and chicken base in the recipe.  (The Pad Thai Sauce makes an excellent substitution for Kung Pao Style dishes.)  The sauces below can be substituted in other dishes to make them vegan.  There is no chicken stock on the wok line, they use a vegetable stock.  Dishes that would be vegetarian with vegetables and tofu:
Spring Rolls, Edamame, Pad Thai (modify when ordering "without eggs"), Blazing Noodles - as they are, Orange Peel - modify when ordering "without Kung Pao Sauce", Hoisin Explosion, Asian Coconut Curry, Soba - Miso, Sweet and Sour, Teriyaki 

P F Chang's China Bistro
480-367-2999 at 7132 E. Greenway Pkwy.
480-731-4600 at 740 S. Mill Ave. in Tempe
"The products on our menu that are listed (we use the Chinese symbol for vegetable on the menu for all of our vegetarian items) as vegetarian contain no animal products...this includes the new products we just added...in the past we had a couple of items like the vegetable lettuce wrap that were not designated as vegetarian either because they contained chicken stock or oyster sauce...recently we have replaced chicken stock with a vegetable stock and developed a vegetarian oyster sauce...all of our products that are listed as vegetation are in fact vegetarian."
- Rick Federico
 CEO, PF Chang's

Shanghai Garden
5068 W. Peoria Ave.  (NE corner of 51st Ave. and Peoria)
Glendale, AZ  85302
A very good Chinese restaurant that serves sweet and sour tofu and regular tofu, they also have very good vegetable chow mien.

Suma Ching Hai International Vegetarian House
3239 E. Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ  85108
All "meat" (pork, beef, chicken) is textured vegetable protein (TVP)--soy.

Swaddee Thai
5055 W. Ray Rd  #B8
Chandler, Arizona 85226
 Located at the southwest corner of Ray Rd and Rural Rd, next to US Tae Kwon-do.

Second location:
8989 E. Via Linda
Very vegan-friendly.  To check out the menu see www.swaddeethai.com/chandler_vegetarian.html 
Visit http://www.vegguide.org/vendor/view.mhtml?vendor_id=1497 for more info.

Thai Basil
403 W. University Dr, Suite 101
Tempe, AZ 85281
Took over for the old Pink Pepper, but looks nothing like it. Proves to be about as veg-friendly. Fairly upscale, yet affordable, restaurant. Has a solid selection of vegetarian curries and dishes with tofu. Make sure to order without fish sauce. Pad Thai has egg in it.

480- 998-0011
8777 N. Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85253
(uses the term "vegan" on the menu!)  
Warning -
this in from an AZVegan.com visitor:  "I visited Thaifoon restaurant last night and I just wanted you to know that it is NOT vegan friendly.  Yes, they do say on the menu to let your server know if you are vegan, but they do not accommodate you in any way other than telling you that everything has fish sauce in it (except the pad thai, which wasn't very good).  The atmosphere was great and it was a nice area, but that's about all the has going for it, at least for vegans."

Thai Rama
1221 W. Camelback Rd. (12th Ave.)

Tokyo Express - 7 locations in the Phoenix area
vegan steamed veggie rice bowl, a few vegan sushi rolls and inari (cheap, too)

Tott's Asian Diner
1817 E Guadalupe Rd
Tempe, AZ 85283 (on the SE Corner of McClintock & Guadalupe)
"I had heard that all of their dishes can be made with tofu (which is priced lower when substituted for the meat counterparts...)  I was very impressed that the worker knew what vegan was.  She said her friend is vegan and loves the Panang Curry.  I tried it with tofu and was a big fan!  Very affordable entrees and lunch specials.  They have a variety of Asian veggies and mushrooms.  When ordering vegan, make sure to specify no egg in the rice/dish."
Thanks, Jon!

Touch of Thai
16816 N 35th Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85053
"We went to Touch of Thai a few weekends ago and were very specific with the waiter, i.e. 'no fish oil' and he said he was able to make what we wanted completely vegan. And it was delicious.
Thanks, Sonia!

Tsing-Wa - Chinese
7670 S. Priest Dr. (SW Corner of Priest & Elliot)
Mon - Fri 11am - 10pm, Sat & Sun 11:30am - 10pm

The Wild Thaiger
2631 N Central Ave
It is great food and they have veg and vegan on the menu.  If not they will pretty much make what ever you would like.  Very informative knowledgeable staff.  Inside or outside dining. 
Thanks, Angela!

Y C's Mongolian BBQ
480-948-8011  9120 E Indian Bend Rd,  Scottsdale,  AZ 85250-8511
602-944-6818  9620 N Metro Parkway West,  Phoenix,  AZ 85051-1402
480-820-8880  3206 S McClintock Dr,  Tempe,  AZ 85282
480-948-8011  9120 E Indian Bend Rd,  Scottsdale
480-777-2929  752 W Elliot Rd,  Tempe
Meat is cooked on the same grill, but you can ask the chef to scrape the grill for you.


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