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Veg Suppliers & Services


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General Veg Shopping

Animal Friendly Shopping at the PETA Mall - "The PETA Mall has everything you need, from sports bras, World Wrestling Federation stamps, and dog and cat portraits to hemp hiking boots, cruelty-free cosmetics, and vegetarian caviar! We even have a link to purchase the ever-popular scooter or Palm Pilot. And keep in mind that every purchase made through the PETA Mall means a donation to PETA ... at no cost to you … so happy shopping!"

Different Daisy - Vegan Shopping Made EASY! A Different Daisy offers hundreds of vegan products from cruelty-free manufacturers, low prices and quantity discounts.

Downbound - stands firmly in favour of alternatives to abusive labour conditions, animal exploitation, and environmentally unsustainable practices. All of our products are fair labour, vegan, and as environmentally friendly as possible. Downbound does the research and provides you with the detailed product information required to make educated and compassionate consumer decisions.

Fast and Furless - Minnesota's very own vegan boutique!  This is a fantastic store located centrally in the metro area offering vegan shoes, clothing, purses, jewelry, t-shirts, etc...  Definitely worth a stop if you're in the area.  Check back frequently as they will soon have an online store!!

GreenPeople - where you can find eco-friendly products/services and organizations.  GreenPeople is one of the largest online green directories.  They offer free search and free listings.  It takes only 2-3 minutes to list your business or organization.  Finding the product or service is made simple with their easy-to-use search engine.

Net Veggie  -"A web directory for vegetarian, vegan, and organic foods.  Including vegetarian food, nutritional information, vegetarian gifts, and more."

Pangea - offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality, completely cruelty-free vegan products - from food to clothes.  They have a long history of donating funds and products to numerous non-profit vegan and animal rights organizations.

VeganEssentials - "Our goals at VeganEssentials are to: Offer the widest selection of highest-quality vegan goods to you, the caring consumer.  Deliver unbeatable customer service to you. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  Provide discounted prices. We strive to offer you the lowest prices available!"

Vegan Karma - They carry a variety of quality vegan, hemp, organic, fair trade, and eco friendly products. 

VeganStore - Over 800 animal and cruelty free products, everything from shoes and clothes to food and vitamins!

The Vegetarian Site - Clothing, personal care, books, videos, accessories, etc. 

The Vegetarian Site promotes and provides support for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.  They also consistently support the animal rights community by donating 10% of the purchases from their website to a different animal rights group each month.

Vegbay.com - a FREE online auction for the Veg/Green/Animal Rights communities. Sell or buy vegetarian, vegan, hemp, fair trade, yoga, new age, health & beauty, organic, recycled, and miscellaneous items and services while supporting fellow veg-friendly individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Vegbay.com also offers FREE store front space to veg-friendly businesses and individuals.  Vegbay.com is intended to be a friendly, enjoyable and useful experience for the green and veggie communities. We encourage environmentally and ethically aware shopping.



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T-shirts, Clothing & Accessories

AnimalRightsStuff.com - A great resource for animal rights t-shirts!

Cafepress.com  - An excellent site with a HUGE selection of vegan t-shirts and gifts!!
- Vegan footwear and clothing, discover a range of vegan shoes, sandals, boots, clothing and accessories. A whole world of animal friendly products for your lifestyle.

Herbivore Clothing Company - Sweatshop free clothing with original veggie-themed graphic designs, plus stickers, buttons, etc.

KidBean.com - For parents, babies, toddlers & children.  Our mission is to provide a wide variety of products that positively impact the total health of the earth and its inhabitants by promoting breastfeeding, attachment parenting, and plant-based diets, while embracing the three R's: reduce, reuse, and recycle. In order to have the greatest impact, we strive to make compassionate consumerism more affordable.

MooShoes Non-Leather Shoes - a place where you are guaranteed a stylish and high quality yet leather-free pair of shoes. And that not-so-friendly leather smell in other shoe stores? It doesn't exist in the world of MooShoes. We understand that you cannot have fashion without compassion.

Shoes with Souls Stylish Cruelty-Free Shoes - a San Diego based corporation positioned to offer animal and environmentally friendly footwear and related accessories to the wholesale and retail markets.

Snooty Jewelry - "Our mission is to provide attractive, quality, cruelty-free jewelry at affordable prices.  We are also dedicated to promoting human, animal, and environmental welfare.  A portion of our profits and employees' time is donated to these causes."

Used Rubber USA - Wallets, bags, and planners made from reclaimed inner tubes, a high-quality industrial rubber. All of the rubber is post-consumer waste, which they reclaim from the waste stream themselves.

Veganline.com - sells vegan boots, belts and wallets. We have been going since 1998, and, although not the largest veggie shoe shop on the web, we do offer quite a different range of shoes and a free veggie recipe search engine on the site.

Vegecentric - began back in 1989 as “Animal Free Promotions”, with a range of badges, T-shirts and stickers, and now caters to veggos all over the world.  Prices are in US Dollars, with the Australian and UK equivalent amount also listed.

VegetarianBelts.com - animal friendly belts and accessories.  "Where the belts were never alive!"

Vegetarian Shoes - Great selection of non-leather shoes!  "As well as our shoes being animal friendly, our aim is to make our products as people friendly, and environmentally friendly as possible too."
Veggies on the Road- Gives an overview of restaurants from all over the world where vegetarians can have a good dinner with their non-vegetarian friends, family or colleagues.


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Vegan Foods

Crum Creek Mills - "We has one purpose in life... Nourishing the world towards health. Our soy protein products aim to feed the mind, body and spirit in a simple, economical & convenient way."

Devil Spice - Eat healthy, eat compassionately, and eat well!  Devil Spice is dedicated to bringing you the best in vegetarian cuisine.  From sinfully delicious desserts to deviliciously good sauces and dips to artisan level meals, Devil Spice creates culinary delights that please the heart as well as the palette.

Dixie Diners' Club - developing, producing, and marketing "health food that tastes like junk food®."

Dr. McDougall’s Right Foods - "co-founded by Dr. John McDougall, an internist and leading authority on nutrition, to create top-quality vegetarian foods, and convenient meals. Always vegetarian, non-dairy, no cholesterol, and low fat!  Our product line consists of more than 20 flavors of healthy and nutritious instant meal cups and family-sized meal products."

Gak's Snacks  -"A new web-based company...offering cookies and coffee cake baked in our dedicated facility with no peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, wheat or dairy.  All of our products are vegan." 

The Mail Order Catalog for Healthy Eating - Great selection of books, some at amazing bargain prices.  "Bringing you quick-cooking, vegetarian meat substitutes, featuring textured soy proteins and other vegetarian entree products.  We're proud to offer hundreds of products and books that help you eat better and live longer!"

Organic Food Bar - The only 100% USDA Certified Organic, non-dairy Certified Kosher, and Certified Vegan bars in the world.  Alkaline-forming, cold-processed, rich in phyto-nutrient dense sprouts and superfoods.  Gluten-free, easy to digest, taste great, no refined sugar, and no trans-fatty acids.

Parma! - a Parmesan cheese substitute is made in Southern Oregon with love using only raw organic walnuts, nutritional yeast, and sea salt. It’s vegan, raw, soy-free, and contains organic ingredients. Parma! is a high potency food source of B complex vitamins, iron, quality protein, folic acid, and trace minerals. Parma! is sugar free and contains no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Because it’s raw, it’s enzyme rich. Most importantly Parma! tastes great!  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Parma! go toward supporting animal rights.

Road's End Organics Cheese Alternatives - we are committed to providing delicious organic alternatives to many of America's favorite comfort foods. We use quality ingredients that can be consumed by all people regardless of any special dietary needs or preferences. This website provides a lot of information and links, as well as the ability to order our items on a secure shopping system.

Trader Joe's - "At Trader Joe's, our mission is to bring you the best food and beverage values you can find anywhere, and the information you need to make informed buying decisions."

Turtle Island Holiday Tofurky - "Our goal is to produce alternatives to meat products of uncompromising taste and texture that are made from traditional soy foods like Tofu and Tempeh, not solvent extracted soy powders, isolates and concentrates. We are certified organic processors (by Oregon Tilth) and certified vegan(by the Vegan Society)."

VegeCyber.com - offers vegetarian, organic, vegan international food products including a large selections of frozen gourmet.  Please be sure to enter code 'AZ2060' during check-out and Farm Sanctuary will get a 5% donation from VegeCyber!

Vegetarian Store - Shop for meat and dairy alternatives. 

Whole Foods Market - The world's largest retailer of natural and organic foods.


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Vegan Sweets

Allison's Gourmet Cookies & Brownies - "We make vegan desserts that taste fantastic.  We seek out and use only the finest organic ingredients available.  Our business supports a sustainable planet.  Health is priceless -- quality costs more, and it's worth it."

Alternative Baking Company Cookies - "We are dedicated to helping make the dairy and meat industries obsolete by providing gourmet quality, vegan alternatives to traditional baked goods."

Chuao Chocolatier- Fabulous dairy-free chocolates!  Yum!  The following items are vegan: Dark Caracas bars, Spicy Maya Bars, Chinita Nibs bars, Spicy Maya Chocopod (recommended!!), Nutmeg Chocopod, Seashells dark chocolate, Orangettes, Gingerettes, Cacao Nibs, Mulato (bonbon), Dark Mendiant (bonbon), Dark Grignotine(bonbon). 

Frankly Natural - Check out these vegan sweet treats!

Goodbaker - makes delicious, easy-to-prepare gourmet vegan baking mixes. They use only organic, unrefined grains and sweeteners.  Their baking mix recipes are 100% whole-grain, rich in plant protein and fiber. All Goodbaker™ mix recipes also contain organic soy flour which offers well-recognized health benefits.

La Dolce Vegan - "Sinfully delicious cookies made without any animal products.  La Dolce Vegan is a very small cookie company and we take pride in the care we take when making our cookies. Our philosophy is to make delicious cookies that everyone can enjoy. These cookies, though, just happen to contain no animal products. As a result, our cookies are dairy-, egg-, and cholesterol-free! But our goal is to make them indistinguishable from the "real thing."

Sun Flour Baking Company Cookies - "Sun Flour Baking Company is a progressive new bakery whose products contain only the finest vegan ingredients available! Our goods are made using some organic ingredients, expeller-pressed canola oil, and are sweetened with fruit juices. They are free of dairy, eggs, and refined sugars. We also bake Wheat Free / Gluten Free cookies for your enjoyment."


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Cooking Schools

Bauman College—IET-Natural Chef Training - Bauman College is pleased to announce the debut of our e-Nutrition Learning Modules, a new way to gain cutting-edge information about holistic whole foods based nutrition.

Living Light Culinary Arts Institute - Offering certification courses in raw vegan culinary arts for individuals, chefs and teachers

Natural Gourmet Cookery School - For more than 25 years The Natural Gourmet has provided education and leadership in the field of health-supportive culinary arts and theory.  Public classes and Chef’s Training Program.


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Health & Beauty

Arbonne Cruelty-Free Skin Care - products that are botanically-based and hypo-allergenic.

Lush - fresh, hand made beauty products.  Lush products contain no ingredients from any companies who test anything at all on animals and 75% of their products are vegan.  Vegan items are clearly marked in their print catalog.

Strawberry Hedgehog- Specialty Handmade Vegan Bath & Body Products.  Web-based local AZ business offering a lovely array of unique handmade bath and body products. We pride ourselves on small batches, high quality ingredients, and no animal byproducts, testing, or synthetic fragrances, preservatives, parabens, or chemical fillers. Fresh, gentle and effective plant based products are what you will find with Strawberry Hedgehog.  Pamper yourself with vegan, eco-friendly, bath and body care including natural soaps, bath salts, aromatherapy, body creams, lotions, face care, toners, sprays, clay masks, sugar scrubs, body oils, massage oils, 'butter' bars, shea butter, custom blended scents, and more!"

Tahitian  Noni Nature Born Supplement- The vitamins in Tahitian Noni NatureBorn™ come from whole food complexes and are easily recognized and absorbed by the body, just as Nature intended.

Tom's of Maine - toothpaste & more!  "We believe in working with the pure, simple ingredients nature provides to create natural care products that are safe, effective, and pleasant to use.  All of our products are packaged with respect for the environment and are never tested on animals."


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Companion Animals

Alternative Pet Products - They will donate 5% of your purchase price to Farm Sanctuary when you use this link: vegancats.com.  Founded in 1999 and initially dedicated to making vegan cat and dog food more readily available, they have since expanded to offer a complete line of treats, supplements and toys, as well as many earth- and animal-friendly accessories.

Evolution Diet Pet-food Company - an animal rights company only manufacturing vegan pet foods.  Dedicated to providing the very finest and most complete natural quality products in the world. We are committed to helping dogs, cats and ferrets lead healthy lives. As new information becomes available we will incorporate it into the constant improvement of Evolution Diet Pet Food design.

Nature's Recipe - Nature's Recipe Vegetarian Canine Formula was created to give your adult dog a diet free of animal protein ingredients that can cause skin and coat problems in dogs with food sensitivities, and this food is ideal for the vegan dog. The formula provides the same ten essential amino acids found in diets with meat as the protein source, and offers chelated minerals, canola oil for healthy skin and coat, and highly digestible carbohydrates. Available in dry kibble and cans.

Wow-Bow - the largest manufacturer of exclusively vegetarian and vegan health biscuits for pets in the world, with over 65 varieties to choose from.

Wysong's - Dr. R.L. Wysong's canine and feline diets are designed to provide optimal natural nutrition. Wysong Vegan for dogs is entirely vegetarian, with no meat or meat byproducts. Though a quality food product for dogs, Wysong Vegan is not recommended for cats and is not formulated for feline protein needs.


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Home & Garden

EcoChoices Natural Home Products - "The best earth-friendly products available at the lowest prices possible without lowering the quality of the products. Ten web sites with one shopping cart!"

Greenfeet Natural Products & Gift Registry - We continually strive to:  live by the philosophy that our customers are like family, treating each one with respect and honesty;  treat our employees with respect, loyalty and fairness; be socially and environmentally active in our local community, and conduct business in an ethical and responsible manner.

Green Glass Extraordinary Glassware - a company that converts empty, discarded bottles into elegant glassware.

Green House Recycled Frames - we individually handcraft each frame from reclaimed wood and materials using environmentally and animal friendly products.

Message!Products - Checks and address labels that benefit and advertise for a number of animal rights organizations.

Painting 4 Paws - helps animals in need on an ongoing basis. In addition to raising funds to benefit animals, Karen's unique artwork of rescue animals speaks on behalf of thousands of dogs, cats, and other animals who may never have the chance they deserve for a loving home. 


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Books, Videos, & Magazines

Lantern Books - publishes books for all wanting to live with greater spiritual depth and commitment to the preservation of the natural world.

The Mail Order Catalog - has been selling vegetarian food products and cookbooks since 1983.  Their sister company, Book Publishing Co., is one of the leaders in developing and distributing information on vegetarian diet and nutrition, specifically using soy products.

The Vegetarian Site - Clothing, personal care, books, videos, accessories, etc.  The Vegetarian Site promotes and provides support for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles.  They also consistently support the animal rights community by donating 10% of the purchases from their website to a different animal rights group each month.

VegNews - America's favorite vegetarian newsmagazine.  Each edition is packed with vegetarian news, interviews, travel tales, recipes, book reviews events, special features, the best veg products and more!  You must subscribe to the print version.


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Vegetarian Travel & Recreation

Green Earth Travel - the one stop travel service for all of your vegetarian and vegan travel needs.  GET and Vegan Essentials are proud to announce a new partnership. We are now selling vegetarian travel accessories on our site as well as our vegetarian travel guides.  You always wanted that quality luggage but could never find it leather free. We also carry suntan lotion for those beach bunnies, insect repellent and hiking boots for those outdoorsy types and it all cruelty free! 

Veg Voyages - We are a 100% vegetarian Tour Company based in the USA who provides vegetarian & vegan  tours in Asia.  ounded by long-time vegetarians with extensive experience traveling and organizing trips within Asia,  VegVoyages aim is to provide you with an exciting and exotic vegetarian adventure.

Yoga Life Style - "Vegetarian and Vegan Posters, Books and Scented soaps with more animal friendly toiletries books and other items coming soon.  Plus for those animal friendly people who are into yoga, this is a website where they are guaranteed to find lots of great yoga products and no items that will offend people who love animals."


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Social Networking Services

Animal Attraction - a community where the 40 million single pet owners in the United States — and millions more single people who don’t own, but love pets — can connect both online and offline.  Members can communicate with each other via email, instant messaging, chat rooms and message boards, and even meet in person at Animal Attraction-hosted events nationwide.  Pet lovers are a special breed! They share similar values, attitudes, lifestyles, and interests. Animal Attraction helps bring these special people together in a safe, secure, and pleasant environment.

EcoRoommates.com - GreenPeople brings a roommate finder service to the "eco-community".  List a room/sublet to find a roommate with "eco/vegetarian" values.  FREE searches for rooms.  FREE email notification of new room postings.

GreenFriends.com -  the best and largest dating site in the world for progressive singles interested in vegetarianism, environment protection, peace, animal rights.  All our members enjoy outdoor activity, holistic and healthy lifestyles, caring for animal rights and environment protection, personal growth and spirituality.  This is the perfect place to meet and network for friendship, dating, romance and the exchange of information and ideas.

GreenPersonals.com - We are dedicated to bringing together vegetarian or other singles in your city or from all over the world.  Almost all our members live a healthy lifestyles, caring for animal rights and environment protection, enjoying outdoor activity, etc. You may gain access to more charming friends or dating with singles through this club.  This is a great place to meet vegan and vegetarian singles for a date, romance, friendship, relationship and the exchange of various information.
Veggiedate.com - Veggiedate is more than just a dating service for vegetarians. Make friends, pen-pals or love connections. Share vegetarian recipes, or vegetarian meals at vegetarian restaurants and enjoy the vegetarian lifestyle. Visit their comprehensive list of vegetarian societies in North America for vegetarian information. Chat in the chat room. They also maintain a calendar of vegetarian events

Veggie Network - A free vegan/vegetarian business referral network

VeggieRomance.com-  "One of the largest vegan and vegetarian dating sites". 

Veggie Singles 4 You - We are a new web site dedicated to helping vegetarians in all walks of life find friendship and romance with kindred spirits. Join now and your first 6 months are free!


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Technical Services

conscious design & photography - "We specialize in providing affordable visual media to social, environmental and animal rights organizations; companies which may be long on compassion, but short on funding."



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